St. Patrick’s Day Parties

We love to celebrate holidays here at SHINE Preschool. St. Patrick’s Day is one of our teacher’s favorites because we get to pretend there is a leprechaun in our classroom! This week we participated in all kinds of activities to celebrate the Irish folklore. I’m going to highlight some of our favorites here!

On Monday we discussed what leprechauns are and where they come from. We also made these adorable masks.


On Tuesday afternoon we conducted a science experiment with baking soda and green vinegar to make fizzy shamrocks. There were lots of oooohs and ahhhs with this experiment!


On Wednesday morning we stamped with green peppers and paint to make our own shamrock collage. At first I think some of the kids were worried they might have to eat them. And then others wished they could eat them! Our class guinea pig got to try these out for a treat though! We also found out much anticipated visitor had finally arrived. He was quite mischievous while we were playing outside.


Thursday and Friday mornings we had our parties. We made a fruit rainbow and rainbow headbands. While we were all outside playing the tricky leprechaun played in our room too! He also turned all the students into leprechauns! Everyone was very excited to walk around the room looking for their leprechaun selves!



Lastly Pastor Pam came running in the room today saying how she was out walking, something blurred by, and there was a note was left on the ground. They decided to set a trap for the leprechaun using wet gold glitter glue. We then followed various notes leading us on a chase where we ended up back in our room and it was a mess! We didn’t catch the leprechaun but he did leave us some fake gold so we weren’t completely empty handed! We all had so much fun. I loved seeing the joy on kid’s faces as we pretended to look for the leprechaun. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! – Miss Melanie








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